“Twenty poems and eight drawings interact in this slim poetry compilation that was jointly published by Moloko Plus and Sea Urchin in December 2021. Anna Niarakis’s concise and intelligent poems capture universal themes such as death, love, loss and the passing of time in a clear and original language, while the images they evoke flare passionately against a backdrop of existential absurdity. Schot’s ‘hard black’ drawings reject all shades of grey and bring together deliberate and accidental lines in images that appear to be on the verge of obliteration. Sunrise over nothing is then a fitting title for this powerful combination of poems and drawings, which was even further invigorated by Anneke Auer’s refreshing design.”

Sea Urchin Editions, 2021

  • Client : Moloko+ (Schönebeck) and Sea Urchin Editions (Rotterdam)
  • Work : book design
  • Format : 185 x 140 x 5 mm, 46 pages
  • ISBN : 978-3-948750-48-0
  • Website : www.sea-urchin.net