Puck Schot (1994) is a visual artist, filmmaker, writer and poet from Rotterdam, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2016. Her work spans various disciplines – video works, writings, sculptures, drawings, sound works and performances – which go hand in hand to explore man’s darker desires in modern media-generated realities. Since 2012 Schot has taken part in various group shows, programmes and festivals as well as done solo shows in Germany and Rotterdam. She was a guest lecturer and teacher for young talents at the Royal Academy of The Hague and received a Grant for Emerging Artists from the national Mondrian Fund in 2019. This grant has enabled her to publish her first book Urge in collaboration with Ralf Friel’s renowned Moloko Plus press from Pretzien, Germany.

Puck Schot - Urge

  • Client : Puck Schot and Moloko Print
  • Work : book design
  • Format : 185 x 140 x 5 mm, 48 pages, offset printed and perfect bound
  • ISBN : 978-3-943603-77-4
  • Website : www.puckschot.com